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December 2010 & January 2011


a publication of Allen Insurance Group



Happy Holidays



Santa & ReindeerWe are sending wishes to you and your family for a happy holiday season. Be Safe, Be Well and Enjoy!

2011 Is Coming



As with every new year, we declare resolutions and usually these are to 'better' ourselves in one way or another.

Some of our resolutions may include:

  • Get organized
  • Stick to a budget
  • Eat healthier
  • Be more active
  • Plan for the future

When it comes to planning for the future, whether it is for your retirement, children's education, protecting your assets with Life Insurance and/or Long Term Care and/or Long Term Disability we are available to help.

If you would like to have a conversation about these concerns and how to protect your future, contact us at 302-654-8823.

Keep Your Presents Safe



RingIf you are giving or receiving high value gifts....nice going! Jewelry, Furs, Electronics, Collectible Items, Fine Arts, Silver and so on are all items that can be covered under your Homeowners policy. Call us (302-654-8823) and we will discuss how they are (or are not) or how they can be protected by your policy.

Insurance Department - Protect your purchases...

Choose Wisely



apple being eatenHolidays are the perfect time to over indulge. The important thing is not to do it everyday and to choose what and how much we over indulge.

Here is a fun and easy website to help you be wise :)

Visit Eat This Not That.....

Is Your Customer's Data Safe?



Safe-SecurityWe are offering a free seminar on January 26 to our Business clients that will discuss how and why it is important to secure private data. With existing and new legislation the fines for a breach are extremely costly. In addition, you are required to notify, by mail, your entire data base of customers - that will be another costly expense. Any business who obtains birthdates, social security numbers, federal EI numbers, license numbers, credit card information, medical information or financial information - should consider attending the seminar.

More information will follow, in the meantime, please give us a call 302-654-8823 with any questions and to register for the seminar.

New Website for Wellness Information....



Question MarkQuestions about an illness or condition?

The link below will take you to a website with so much information on conditions, illnesses and wellness tips. Videos are a big part of the website and a great aid for understanding a condition or illness.

Read more and view videos.....

Privacy Notice



This notice will also serve as your annual Privacy Notice that we are required to send each year by Federal regulation. The notice is available on our website at or you may call our office 302-654-8823 to request one be mailed to you.

This notice will also serve as your annual

Our Website



We are very proud of the information provided, service that is available and links ready for your use on our website. We hope you will visit it and feel free to offer any suggestions and/or complaints and compliments.

Our Website...


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