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August/September 2009


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Off to College.....What you should know...


When preparing to send your child to college, there are several concerns to consider. Quick Quiz - which of these should you review:

1.    Their college essay

2.   Your bank account

3.   The film Animal House

4.   Their insurance coverage

If you selected insurance, you go to the head of the class. When your child moves from home to college there are a number of insurance questions to consider, especially if he or she is planning to live off-campus. Remember, not all insurance policies have the same terms and conditions. Consult your agent to determine the limits and types of coverage that apply to your family's lifestyle.

Read more about the concerns for your college student...

Does Your Business Need 'Cyber' Insurance ?


Yes, you do if....

You accept credit card payments

You are a service firm such as a printer, accountant, lawyer

You are a financial firm such as a bank, credit union, mortgage broker

You are a medical office, pharmaceutical company or other health care service provider

Your company stores their employees' non public private information on a network.

Don't fall into a false sense of security that your system has a firewall; or it has anti-virus software; or that you trust your employees with confidential information. All of these can be pitfalls to your business. Not all breaches occur from a website.

To discuss how this coverage could protect your business and to learn more about the coverage and cost, please contact us. To visit a list of actual data breaches click on the link below.

Actual Data Breaches Claims

Is Blood covered by your medical plan?


Give BloodNo, it is not.

Members of the Benefits Connection can enroll in the Blood Bank and their annual dues are waived. In order to be covered, a member must enroll and also donate every few years. If you or your employees need an enrollment card please contact Beth Fisher at 302- 294-2059 or click below.

The cost for a pint of blood can be as much as $500. Members of the Blood Bank receive blood for free.

Blood Bank Application...

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