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Liability Myth


Confused FaceAs with most aspects in life, we are often confronted with myths or rumors or preconceived notions that are simply not true. The insurance industry is no exception. One of the most common myths we are confronted with in our agency has to due with the amount of liability coverage one needs or does not need.

Myth: The more insurance I have the higher the lawsuit if I get sued. The most they can sue for is the limit of my insurance.

This is not necessarily true.

This Liability not true, read more

Meet Our Partners


BCBS LogoReliability, Dependability, Stability. These are just three of the qualities that the name Blue Cross Blue Shield exemplifies. It is a name that we have all come to known and trust. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Delaware is the largest insurer in the state with the largest network of participating providers. Allen Insurance Group has partnered with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Delaware for a number of years through the Benefits Connection. They continue to be a strong and important partner of the Benefits Connection program that provide small businesses throughout the state of Delaware the opportunity and flexibility to offer up to six different plans to their employees. These plans range from 1st dollar HMO plans to Point of Service plans to Health Savings Accounts (HSA's).

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Delaware actually offers 2 very unique HSA options through the Benefits Connection. The first is a non-referral, national network plan with moderate deductibles and the second option utilizes their HMO network with slightly higher deductibles. Both plans include 100% coverage for preventative care - no deductible, no co-pay.

Additionally, they offer individual health insurance for the non-business owners. The plans offered include HMO's with various deductibles, Point of Service plans and Health Savings Accounts (HSA's). .

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Delaware has always been and continues to be a strong force in the Delaware Health Insurance Marketplace. As brokers, we are proud to have them as one of our partners and to be able to offer their comprehensive products to our clients.

Visit the Blue Cross Blue Shield website

Automobile Claim Reporting Tips


Car AccidentHere are 10 tips you should consider when an auto accident occurs.

Claim Tips

Wellness Luncheon Seminar - June 28th @ Noon


Medical HeartThe Benefits Connection is offering a 'Stress Management' seminar on June 28th at Noon.

Dr. Margaret Keenan, Director of Health psychology at Christiana Care's Preventive Medicine Institute will be the guest speaker.

More details.....

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