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April 2007


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April Showers brings??


RainingApril Showers can bring.........Water in your basement. This can be a Homeowners nightmare. Unfortunately, the nightmare is worsened because standard Homeowners insurance policies do not provide coverage for damage done as a result of water in the basement. This exclusion applies whether this is caused by seepage, flood, backup of sewer or drains, or water that overflows from a sump pump. There is still no coverage, even if the overflow results from the mechanical breakdown of the sump pump. This coverage does not apply to direct physical loss to the sump pump, or related equipment, which is caused by the mechanical breakdown. There is a solution.

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Meet Our Partners


CNACNA Insurance Company is a national company that we have partnered with for over 30 years. They provide coverage for small, middle and large commercial businesses. The financial rating of CNA is excellent. CNA focuses their attention to service, fair claims adjudication and retention of their customers. CNA also has a division that offers Professional coverage lines. We have been proud to represent CNA and hope that you will visit their website for a more in- depth review of this company.

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HSA's Improved (Healthcare Savings Account)


Dollar SignBelieve it or not, good old Uncle Sam is making a good thing even better. Health Savings Accounts were introduced to the general marketplace just a little more than a year ago.

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You or Your Spouse Dies, then what?


flower heartTake a minute or two to think about the answer to that question. There maybe a last paycheck coming, maybe there is a life benefit from an employer but what about a month from death - how will the family survive? The average burial is $10,000 today. Mortgage or Rent is $600-$1,200 a month. Then there are the Utility bills, Car payment(s), Children's needs, College Tuition and so on and so on. Will your family be able to survive with one income or no income if the primary provider has died? Life insurance is not complicated and there are no gray areas to collect the benefit. If an insured person dies the policy benefit is paid to the beneficiary. Term insurance offers a lesser premium than whole life insurance but it does expire after the selected policy term is over. The average cost for a male in preferred health in their 30's is $212.00 and for a female in preferred health in her 30's is $193.00 - these average out to less than $18 a month for a $250,000 - 10 year policy term. We would like to help you protect your family. Please give us a call and we will review your particular needs with you and will we shop for the best premium available.

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