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August/September 2010


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Life Insurance Awareness


FlowersSeptember is Life Insurance Awareness month. This is a good time to 'stop and take stock' of your financial situation, should the unexpected happen. Ask yourself this question "How will my family's income change if I die?"

There are several types of life insurance. The most common is Term insurance - which has the least cost for the most coverage but for a specific amount of time. Whole life; Permanent life; Universal life are all types of coverage that provide coverage until death, as long as the premium is paid.

If you have.....

  • Recently married
  • Bought a home or refinanced
  • Had a baby
  • Received a promotion/raise
  • Children entering college

This is a good time to evaluate your life insurance needs.

Below is a quick calculator to help you determine how much life insurance you may need.

Link to Life Insurance Calculator

Property at College


As we pack up the college student and deposit them in their dorm room or off campus have to wonder if all that property (clothing, bedding, electronics, books, etc) is covered should a loss occur.

Well, the answer is usually yes - up to 10% of the contents amount of your Homeowners policy, subject to the policy deductible.

We have attached an article from our industry reference library. Click below for the full article.

Read more from the Big I Virtual University...

Auto Insurance Savings


Car MovingAutomobile insurance premiums often take a big bite out of a family's budget. You may, however, be paying too much for this coverage. The following are several approaches you can use to reduce your auto insurance costs.

  • Choose higher deductibles, particularly if you currently have a low collision or other-than-collision deductible, such as $100 or $250. Increasing your deductible from $250 to $500 or $1,000, for example, can reduce your collision and otherthan- collision premium by 15 to 35 percent.
  • Eliminate collision and other-than-collision coverage on older, less valuable cars. If your car is worth less than $1,500, it may be wiser and cheaper in the long run to remove this physical damage exposure. Used car valuations are available online at Kelley Blue Book.
  • Maintain an excellent credit record, since insurance companies are increasingly using credit scores to price auto insurance policies. Consumers with poor credit often pay more for auto insurance.
  • Buy a "low-profile" automobile. Before you purchase a new or used car, check into the auto insurance costs. Automobile models that are expensive to maintain and have higher theft and collision frequency rates tend to have higher insurance costs.
  • Take advantage of multi-policy discounts by keeping your homeowners' and auto policy with one insurer. Likewise, take advantage of multi-car discounts by having all autos on one insurance policy.
  • Seek out other auto insurance discounts (which can vary by state and by insurance company), such as defensive driving, good student, low-mileage auto, alcohol awareness training, air bags, antilock brakes, claim-free experience and long-term customer.

Hulk Hogan


Dollar SignWhat happened to Hulk Hogan could happen to us. If you do not have an Umbrella Liability policy you might want to call us...302-654-8823. This type of policy averages $150 a year for a $1,000,000 policy.

Some may remember when Nick Hogan, the son of Hulk Hogan, got in an accident which caused brain damage to the passenger in the car - John Graziano. Hulk Hogan, whose real name is Terry Bollea, ended up having to pay for the incident out of his own pocket because he had no insurance to cover that type of accident.

Hogan reportedly was worth approximately $30 million at the time of the accident in August 2007, and while paying from his fortune in order to settle Graziano claims, the terms of the settlement are still confidential and it's unknown how much it cost Hogan, although you have to assume it was substantial.

If he had an Umbrella Liability policy, coverage would most likely been in place to respond to the accident.

New Government Health Care Website


Question MarkQuestions about Healthcare Reform?

The link below is an excellent source for information regarding the upcoming Health Care Reform and Wellness information. .

Our government website for Health Care

New Website for Wellness Information....


Question MarkQuestions about an illness or condition?

The link below will take you to a website with so much information on conditions, illnesses and wellness tips. Videos are a big part of the website and a great aid for understanding a condition or illness.

Read more and view videos.....

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