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No Tricks Here, Just Tips To Save Money



PumpkinEveryone wants to save on expenses where ever possible. Here are some suggestions that will provide a savings on your insurance premiums.

  • Package your Home and Auto with the same company
  • Increase policy deductibles
  • Evaluate 'full coverage'
  • Take a Defensive Driving Class to reduce your Auto premium. Classes are also offered online.
  • Keep your credit positive
  • Ask to have your pricing tier reviewed
  • Verify auto usage is correct

Flood Coverage



flood waterA Homeowner policy does not provide any coverage for flood damage to your dwelling or personal contents.

We can provide a quote for Flood coverage and invite you to give us a call. 302-654-8823

W-2 Reporting Delayed



Tax TimeThis week the Obama administration announced that the new requirement that employers list the value of each employee's health plan on their W-2 will be delayed one year, until 2012. This mandate was enacted as part of the new health care law and is intended to increase transparency in the marketplace. Contrary to many rumors circulating on the Internet, it's important to note that the value of the health plan will not be taxable and is to be used for informational purposes only.

In the draft W-2 form released by the IRS (still subject to approval by the Office of Management and Budget) for tax year 2011 there will be a new line on the form to list the value of an employee's health plan, but its use will be optional until 2012. The delay in this new mandate is a small respite from the mountains of new administrative tasks and paperwork the health bill promises to pile onto small businesses.

Do you know the calories in one piece of candy?



Halloween CandyWe thought with all the talk going on about Wellness and America's obesity this website would be a fun and informative link for you to explore.

You can find:

  • Food calories
  • Your daily calorie intake
  • A health weight for you
  • Your target BMI

Fun Site for Calorie Info; BMI, Intake Assessment

Health Care you have questions?



Question MarkQuestions about Healthcare Reform? Join us the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month. We will be happy to discuss this important reform with you. Registration is appreciated but not required.

Meeting is at 9:00am at :

  410 Delaware Ave

  Wilmington, DE 19801


The link below is an excellent source for information regarding the upcoming Health Care Reform and Wellness information. .

Our government website for Health Care

New Website for Wellness Information....



Question MarkQuestions about an illness or condition?

The link below will take you to a website with so much information on conditions, illnesses and wellness tips. Videos are a big part of the website and a great aid for understanding a condition or illness.

Read more and view videos.....

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