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April/May 2009 The ADVISOR
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DE Motor Vehicle...DID YOU KNOW?
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Effective January 1, 2009, the Division of Motor Vehicles has stopped sending registration renewal notifications by mail. Customers who wish to receive registration renewal notifications via email and/or automated telephone calls must complete an online form at the DMV website.

Before completing the online form you will need to have your driver's license and vehicle registration card. The vehicle owner's drivers license number, license plate number and title date are required in order to submit the form. The title date can be found on your vehicle registration card. We have provided a link for your use below.

Delaware Reduces Workers Compensation Rates
It is our pleasure to share some good economic news with you. Workers Compensation reform is working in Delaware. Recently, there have been two rate reductions for most industry classes in Delaware. We have issued premium refunds to most of our clients and others will appreciate their refund at their annual audit.

While talking about Workers Compensation, this may be a good time to remind you that reviewing the estimated payroll amount on your policy is important to do mid term to avoid any substantial premium adjustment during the audit. We will be happy to review this with you and encourage you to call us.

Travelers Insurance Company
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Travelers Personal Insurance offers a broad array of property and casualty insurance products for individuals. Products include automobile, homeowners, umbrella, condominium, tenant, flood, identity theft, valuable items, boat and yacht and wedding coverage.

Their strong financial rating, superior reputation and their ongoing focus to work with our customers to provide the best possible coverage and price makes the Travelers Insurance Company one of our most competitive insurance companies. Their attention to manage our insured's risk before a claim occurs - then to respond with speed, professionalism and compassion when a claim does happen make them a strong insurance company with our agency.

You can visit their website from the provided link below, we invite you to contact us as your current policy renews for a competitive quote from Travelers.

Our Auto & Homeowner Rates are VERY competitive...
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If you have not gotten a quote from us for your Home and/or Auto coverage, you may be missing out on a possible savings. Many of our companies have reduced their rates, added new discounts and increased their 'package' discounts.

Attached is a quick quote form that you may use and return to us for a quote on your Home and/or Auto coverage. We 'shop' your coverage to six different insurance companies before presenting you with our best proposal.

Save On Your Prescriptions
Mail in prescriptions is not new and never more valuable than it is today. Both AmeriHealth and Blue Cross Blue Shield offer our members a way to save on their prescriptions. For most drugs you can order a three (3) month supply and only pay for a two (2) month supply.....unless it is a generic drug which has a ZERO copay.

You can obtain more information and forms about this by going to the insurance company's websites. Below is a link that will be helpful to you.

Privacy Notice
This notice will also serve as your annual Privacy Notice that we are required to send each year by Federal regulation. The notice is available on our website at or you may call our office 302-654-8823 to request one be mailed to you.
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We are very proud of the information provided, service that is available and links ready for your use on our website. We hope you will visit it and feel free to offer any suggestions and/or complaints and compliments.

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