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Summer Fun Toys,,,, Do They Need Insurance?


Summer BeachOut comes the sunny days, the boats get uncovered, the jet skis come out of the garage, the motor cycles rev up, the ATV's and motor bikes are gassed up and there is fun to be had by all.

Wait.... do you have Liability coverage for these? Do you need physical damage for them? What if it gets it covered? What if someone is hurt while you, a family or friend is using one of these items....worse yet, what if someone else is hurt because of the usage of one of these?

If you have these 'nice weather toys' call us and we will help you understand what coverage is needed and what coverage you may have already. Call us 302-654=8823

Are You Using A 1099 Contractor?


If you are using or thinking about adding a sub-contractor or independent contractor, you should read the article that was in the Business Report Magazine's May 2010. A copy of that article is available by clicking below.

Read Full Article....

How Has The Value Of Your Jewelry Changed?


RingFirst I'd to clarify that all of your 'valuable' jewelry should be scheduled on your policy for the most comprehensive coverage. By scheduling your jewelry, chipped and missing stones/gems are usually covered

With the cost of gold, silver and gems today we recommend that you consider getting updated appraisals for your valuable items.

For those of you who are considering adding your jewelry, in some instances the original receipt or bill of sale is sufficient to schedule your item(s). Depending on the value, the company may request a jewelers appraisal.

Scheduling jewelry is very affordable. Call us for more information and pricing 302-654-8823.

Home and Auto Quotes


Dollar SignMany of our companies have increased their 'companion' discounts which is when the insurance company writes both the Homeowners and Personal Auto for an insured.

If you have not gotten a quote from us for your Homeowners/Tenants or Personal Auto, you may be missing out on a savings. We have attached a quick quote sheet for your use. It can be emailed or faxed back to us for a preliminary quote.

Personal Lines Quick Quote Sheet

Teen Driving Contract


Car MovingIf you have a newly licensed teenager driver, you might find our 'Teen Driving Contract' helpful. Many parents have used and enforced this contract and thanked us for making it available.

The contract is one of the first 'grown up' agreements your child will commit to. Driving is such a huge responsibility, having them honor this agreement shows their commitment to their responsibility.

Teen Driving Agreement....

Going To Canada?


Canada Flag

When traveling to Canada by auto, you should request a Canadian ID Card, also known as a Non-Resident Inter-Province Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance Card. They continue to be required but are seldom asked for by the Canadian officials.....unless they are stopped for a violation or involved in an accident.

Better to be safe rather then sorry. Let us know if you are planning a trip and request your ID card. These are only issued by the company so the more notice we have the better. Call us 320-654-8823 or contact us by clicking below.

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This notice will also serve as your annual

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We are very proud of the information provided, service that is available and links ready for your use on our website. We hope you will visit it and feel free to offer any suggestions and/or complaints and compliments.

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