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calculatorSince January 1st 2008 we have saved our clients....

$ 280,624 in premium for the same or improved coverage all while providing superior service.

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CumberlandWhether your insurance needs are business or personal, the Cumberland Insurance Group can help. Founded in 1844, Cumberland today protects more than 130,000 policyholders with quality products and services. They hold an A+ (Superior) financial rating from the A.M. Best Company, the insurance industry's leading rating organization, based on their ability to meet the obligations to their policyholders. Cumberland has built customer relationships by meeting these commitments for over 160 years. The Cumberland Insurance Company offer coverage throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland.

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VideoWatch this Homeowners Insurance Video as consumers explain coverage. Would you know the correct answers?

"Do you understand your policies? Are your insurance limits adequate? Take a few minutes and allow us to review your coverage and explain your options. Give us a call at your convenience."

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Swimming Pool Safety


swimming poolEvery year about 43,000 people are injured in and around swimming pools and more than 600 people drown in home or public pools. Half of the pool fatalities occur in the yards of single-family homes.

Here are some pool safety tips you should follow:

  • Never leave small children unsupervised-even for a few seconds.
  • Put fencing around the pool area to keep people from using the pool without your knowledge.
  • Keep children away from pool filters, as the suction force may injure them or prevent them from surfacing.
  • Be sure all pool users know how to swim. Learners should be accompanied by a good swimmer.
  • Don't swim alone or allow others to swim alone.
  • Check the pool area regularly for glass bottles, toys or other potential accident hazards.
  • Keep CD players, radios and other electrical devices away from pools or nearby wet surfaces.
  • Don't allow anyone who has been drinking alcohol to use the pool.
  • Stay out of the pool during rain or lightning storms.
  • Never dive into an above-ground pool and check the water depth before plunging into an in-ground pool.

Are you ready for a disaster?


  • Storm-TornadoThe warnings will be broadcast....
  • The storm could come....
  • Will you be ready?
  • Develop a Family Plan
  • Prepare a Disaster Supply Kit
  • Know How to Secure Your Home

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