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February - March 2011 The ADVISOR
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Who Is Insured ?
  Car & Contract
Your auto policy is a contract and it defines who is an insured person and who is not. When you loan your personal auto to someone you are also giving them your insurance.

If you have a business auto that is not always true.

DE Hands Free Phone Law
  No Phone

2011 started with Delaware implementing a new law that required cell phones to be 'hands free' when being used by a driver.

Did you lose your Life Insurance?
If you were one of the Delawareans to lose their job you probably lost your life insurance as well. If you are raising children, have a mortgage or personal debt this was a benefit that was very important.

We have several life insurance companies that offer extremely competitive rates for term insurance. We have attached a life insurance calculator for your use.

Contact us for a free life insurance quote. You can call us: 302-654-8823, fax us 302-654-8836 or send us an email to

Shovel Wisely
  Shoveling Snow
The snow keeps coming and we keep shoveling. We need to shovel wisely. There are so many reports of back strain, slips, falls and heart attacks. Attached is a reminder of 'how to safely shovel'

Be warm and safe, there is more snow to come!

Is Your Customer's Data Safe?
Our January 26th seminar was 'snowed out'. It has been rescheduled for March 2nd 2011 at 8:00 am.

We are offering a free seminar on March 2, 2011 to our Business clients that will discuss how and why it is important to secure private data. With existing and new legislation the fines for a breach are extremely costly. In addition, you are required to notify, by mail, your entire data base of customers - that will be another costly expense. Any business who obtains birthdates, social security numbers, federal EI numbers, license numbers, credit card information, medical information or financial information - should consider attending the seminar.

More information will follow, in the meantime, please give us a call 302-654-8823 with any questions and to register for the seminar.

Our Wellness Corner....
Do you know how to suspect a stroke?

The link below is a quick video that you may find helpful and informative. It is important to have strokes treated within the first few hours .

Be good to yourself and your heart and enjoy many more Valentine Days.

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