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June -July 2012 



Mini-COBRA (HB 170)

 Passed for Delaware

Following is a brief summary of the law. The law (HB170) requires small employer groups with health insurance policies to provide Mini-COBRA coverage as of June 21st 2012.   HB170 applies to employers who normally employ 1 to 19 employees on a typical business day during the preceding calendar year and who are not subject to the federal COBRA law. The new Delaware law requires those employers to offer Mini-COBRA to all employees and/or eligible dependents who have been continuously insured under a group policy during the three months prior to a qualifying event and who lose coverage under the policy due to a qualifying event.  Qualifying events include, but are not limited to: termination of employment; divorce; or a dependent's status change due to age.


Employers have 30 days to notify eligible employees when a qualifying event has occurred.  Those employees and/or eligible dependents have 30 days from the notification date to enroll in Mini-COBRA.  Coverage under Mini-COBRA may be continued for a maximum of nine months or until December 31, 2013 when the law expires, and is contingent upon the payment of premiums and maintenance of the previously mentioned group health insurance policy by the employers.  Additional requirements may apply in certain situations.

The insurance companies, to the best of our knowledge, will not be administering this law and will not directly collect any premiums for those electing Mini-COBRA. Employers are responsible for managing their own Mini-COBRA compliance. 

Please accept this information as a summary and it is not intended to provide all the aspects of the law or to provide any legal advice.  Employers are encouraged to discuss this new law with their legal counsel and/or accountant.



             Boat Safety

Boat   Heading to the Water?

The boat is ready and you are heading to the high seas......double check your safety list.  We have attached a list for you, which is general in nature and the regulations in your specific area may be different and you should determine the regulations for your boating area.

         Boat Safety List    



   Happy Independence Day America

                Flag - USA   Flag - USA

Be safe during your celebration.  Thank those who protect us and give us our freedom and independence.


God Bless America



Did You Know?


Teenage drivers have these

 sobering statistics.

  • Automobile accidents are the number one killer of our nation's youth.
  • Drivers under the age of 20 were involved in 13% of all accidents, yet they account for only 5% of all drivers.
  • 5,000 teenagers die each year from auto accidents.
  • Alcohol is responsible for almost half of all teen motor vehicle deaths.
  • 25% of all teen accidents involve speeding.
  • Half of all teenage traffic fatalities occur between 6:00 p.m. Friday and 3:00 a.m. Sunday.
  • In one year, drivers 19 and under were involved in close to 3 million motor vehicle accidents.
  • The price of a bad decision can include injury to yourself or others, loss of life, loss of life style or loss of personal freedom.

Click here for a link to our Teenage Driver Contract, this is a perfect time to discuss the seriousness of driving responsibly with your teenage driver. 



Wellness Corner


                                Apple Jumping Rope  

Here is a link to a public website that provides us with tutorials for health conditions. The amount of information is amazing.


Health Related Tutorials 



Privacy Notice

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Our feet are made for walking, how about yours?

walking feet 

Every place you turn there is talk about getting healthy, making healthy choices, walking, being active and that we should elect to make ourselves healthier. 


Well, our office decided it was time we took responsibility for ourselves and decided to make some changes.  


Each of us wear a pedometer and strive to walk 10,000 steps a day. A 20 minute walk at lunch, a short walk before or after work, a few laps around the mall, walking further from a parking spot - these all add up.


We are more aware of our  daily calorie intake.


These were not huge changes and the results have included weight loss, feeling good about ourselves, lower blood pressure and stable blood gluclose.  

   Hurray for us!




We hope you will join us on the 'let's get healthier' bandwagon. 



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