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December 2006 The ADVISOR
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Happy New Year
  New Years
All of us at Allen Insurance send wishes to you and yours for a healthy and happy New Year. May only the best of 2007 touch you and yours. Brad, Barbara, John, Connie, JoAnn, Chanel, Katie and Vickie
Meet Our Partners
As we mentioned in our last advisor, we thought we would introduce you to our partners (insurance companies that we represent) one at a time. This Advisor introduces the Harleysville Insurance Company. This agency has represented the Harleysville Insurance Company for 60 years. They offer coverage line for Personal Insurance, Business Insurance, Personal Life and Group Life & Disability.

The Harleysville Insurance Company is a regional company with an excellent financial rating. Our experience with them for both pricing and service has been excellent. If we are not currently providing your Home and/or Auto we invite you to contact us as your policy renews for a competitive quote. Most recently the company has lowered their Delaware rates and increased their companion discount for both the Home and Auto policies.

Hosting a Party ?
28.5 MILLION PARTY HOSTS LIKELY UNDERINSURED New Trusted Choice® Survey Finds Hosts Grossly Unprepared for their Liability ALEXANDRIA, Va., Dec. 11, 2006—Most of the 28.5 million Americans who plan to host a party between Thanksgiving and the Super Bowl are underinsured, according to a new study by Trusted Choice®. Of those 28.5 million party hosts, 21 million do not have a personal umbrella insurance policy, leaving themselves open to potential lawsuits and facing financial ruin, should the worst occur. The remaining 7 million hosts say they don’t know what coverage they have, leaving them vulnerable too. If a party guest drinks, drives and causes an accident, the hosts can be held responsible in more than 30 states. In fact, a majority (53%) of party hosts believe they should be held responsible, but despite this, most haven’t taken steps to protect themselves.
Survey the risk before you buy
It may sound unusual, but our Agency always recommends doing a risk analysis BEFORE deciding to buy insurance. You should do a basic ‘risk analysis’ of your exposures first. This means identifying the risks to your household or business by using things like industry checklists, physical inspections and financial statements. After identifying what risks there are, then quantify them by determining how severe and how frequently the risk occurs. Finally, you need to ascertain how to manage or control the risk. You may choose to eliminate the risk. (For example: Get rid of that old car in your driveway.) You can reduce the risk. (For example: You can reduce the risk of fire by installing smoke detectors.) You can transfer the risk. (For example: You can get someone else to be responsible for your property.) Or finally you may choose to insure the risk. Sometimes this process can be very simple and sometimes very complicated. We are trained here at Allen Insurance Group to help you through this process so that buying insurance is something that makes good sense. Our slogan is ‘Your Security is Our Focus’.
Privacy Notice
This notice will also serve as your annual Privacy Notice that we are required to send each year by Federal regulation. The notice is available on our website at or you may call our office 302-654-8823 to request one be mailed to you.
Our Website
We are very proud of the information provided, service that is available and links ready for your use on our website. We hope you will visit it and feel free to offer any suggestions and/or complaints and compliments.

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