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2012 - 

January 2013 



             Shopping Tips                 

Although these tips were meant for the holiday shopping and providing them to you now seems a little late....but, they are still good tips for any time of year.  

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What to expect in 2013.......... 


As we prepare for 2013 we need to be aware of the changes that will occur with Health Care Reform's provisions that will take effect in 2013.


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Ring    Did Santa Bring Bling?

If you were lucky to receive sparking jewelry, you may want to consider adding it to your Homeowners or Tenants policy.  Homeowners policy limit the value of all jewelry and provide a maximum limit per item.  Also, jewelry that is 'scheduled' has much more comprehensive coverage.


         Be kind to your self


With each new year comes resolutions for a variety of commitments and habits.  Whether your resolution is for weight loss, to quit smoking, to start exercising, to attend church regularly, to be kinder to family and friends remember that your resolutions are meant to help you become healthier and happier and we wish you much success in 2013 and beyond.



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Happy New Year


Our wish to you is that 2013 will bring you peace, health and financial security. 






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