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Who needs Directors & Officers Liability?


You may if your are serving on a Board of Directors for

Your Community Civic Association

A Non Profit Organization

A For Profit Organization

What is directors and officers liability coverage? Directors and officers liability coverage protects directors and officers against claims alleging negligence, errors and omissions, misstatements, misleading statements and misrepresentations.

Why do I need directors and officers liability coverage? Most organizations have a general liability policy that protects its directors and officers against negligent acts that result in bodily injury or property damage. However, general liability does not protect against alleged wrongful acts or omissions, including breach of duty, which do not result in bodily injury.

Directors and officers coverage protects you from potential lawsuits resulting from key decisions or management practices-lawsuits that may target personal assets. Purchasing directors and officers coverage allows the officers to make the decisions that define their roles without having to worry about consequences down the road.

Please contact us to discuss this very important coverage.

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