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April-May 2013

Do You REALLY Understand Your Motor Cycle Policy? 


All too often we are called and asked for a quote for a motorcycle and the caller wants the minimum coverage and high deductibles.


The Personal Injury Protection coverage (coverage for injuries to the driver & passenger) offers  'RESTRICTED COVERAGE'. So what is restricted coverage?


Restricted Coverage - Excludes off the highway accidents and accidents when no other motor vehicle is involved. Additionally, under restricted coverage, you can elect to have a deductible as high as $10,000. 


If you had an accident where you 'laid the bike down' to avoid a collision which resulted with you having a broken leg or much worse - and you had elected restricted coverage would be afforded for your medical costs.


Should a 'collision' accident occur with injuries - and you had elected restricted with a $10,000 deductible....your medical costs would not be covered until you had paid the deductible of $10,000.


The premium savings from full unrestricted coverage with no deductible to restricted coverage with a $10,000 deductible, on average, is $150 a year.


In summary - be sure you know what your coverage is on your motorcycle policy.  If you are unsure, give us a call 302-654-8823.




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Car Accident 

Do You Know What To Do When An Accident Happens?


When an accident happens, thinking clearly can be difficult.  The link below provides some helpful tips and a new

 WreckCheck App for Smartphones 


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May is Disability Awareness

 Few people are prepared for the loss of their income due to an illness or injury.


Disability coverage can be offered by an employer or it can be purchased individually.


We will be happy to discuss this type of coverage with you, contact us at 302-654-8823 or email us at


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