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June-July 2013

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 July 4th - Be Proud and Safe!  

Independence Day.....

Celebrate America!

Our office will be closed on July 4th & 5th.  If there is an emergency, call 320-654-8823 for our 'on call' emergency number.

History of July 4th




            Announcement Man   BBSI 

     Workers Compensation    

 Allen Insurance Group has been working with BBSI (Barrett Business Services, Inc.).  This is a human resource company that offers a self insured workers compensation program through their payroll service.  Their rates, on a average, are 30% lower then current insurance company rates and they do not use any experience mods.  Give us a call to discuss how this program can work for you 302-654-8823.


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Keeping Our Kids Safe

A top responsibility of adults is to keep children safe.  This is a great website for tips and information.


Keeping our kids safe.....



Give BloodGive Blood

Be Someone's Hero

Summer brings the need for more blood donations.  Be someone's hero and call today to donate.  The Blood Bank's website provides a lot of information and you can schedule a time to donate on line.


Visit the Blood Bank


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 We were very surprised to learn that a recent survey of 1,000 Homeowners and Tenant policy holders really did not know the coverage provided by their policy.

Here is a quick summary and we invite you to call us for a more detailed review of your policy.


  • Your property is covered for your dwelling and contents.
  • Personal Liability, should someone be hurt on your property.
  • Theft of property away from your home is covered by your policy.
  • The policy does not cover Flood, Earthquake or Mold.

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