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October / November 2011 



Welcome Fall...

Along with the pumpkins, the beautiful fall color, and the cooler weather comes the reminder to change our clocks and our fire alarm batteries. This is also a good time to check our heater filters, to bring in water hoses and to check the fluids in our cars- especially the anti-freeze.  Walks in the autumn are beneficial to our minds and bodies - get out and enjoy!




 RX Savings Card

If you or anyone you know has a high deductible healthcare plan, we may have some help for you. This card can be presented to your pharmacist and they will help you determine if you should use your medical insurance discount or our savings card when paying for your prescription.  


This card can also be used for imaging tests and lab work. Before using the card, verify which pharmacies and labs accept the card.  


For anyone without insurance, this card is a no brainer - the card is free and the discount is real. Anyone is welcome to print our card and use it.

                     Allen RX Card 

   Print the card and visit Tri-Hope for more information.... 



Did You Know?


Our Website has been updated.  We have a Facebook page and you can find Brad and John on Linkedin.  Check us out....


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 Flu Shot..Is It Right For You?


      Are you still trying to decide whether to get a Flu shot? Maybe you are thinking it is not for you since you are a healthy adult but what about the people around you?

     If you spend time with very small children, that is reason enough to get a flu shot. Children younger than six months of age are especially vulnerable to the flu, but they are too young to have a flu shot. Serious complications from the flu happen most often in children under two.

     Babies aren't the only ones who can't be given flu shots or the nasal spray form of the vaccine; people who are very sick or allergic to chicken eggs also should skip the vaccine.


     If you are pregnant, the choice to get a flu shot is simple. It's never fun to have the Flu. But if you're pregnant, the Flu is especially dangerous. It's more likely you'll have serious complications or need to go to the hospital. And the Flu can also cause problems for your unborn baby, such as preterm birth and miscarriage. A Flu shot is the best way to protect both of you from the Flu. In fact, getting a Flu shot while you're pregnant can help protect your baby from the flu for up to six months after his or her birth.


For more information about the Flu from American Lung Association...



Wellness Corner

                                Food Plate - wellness

We know this is a repeated article, but it is so important we hope you will re-visit it. 

                                                         Visit New Food Plate 



Privacy Notice

This notice will also serve as your annual Privacy Notice that we are required to send each year by Federal regulation. The notice is available on our website at or you may call our office 

302-654-8823 to request one be mailed to you. 

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Savings BankPackaging Saves Premium

Are you missing out on a savings on your Homeowners or Automobile policy premiums?


Most of our companies offer a 7% - 15% savings when the same company provides coverage for both your Home and Auto policies. 


If you have not asked us for a quote to 'package' your coverage, you may be spending more for your coverage then you should be.


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