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August 2008


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HR & Benefits Essentials


New YearA NEW SERVICE.....A NEW SERVICE !!! We continually strive to provide a level of service above and beyond what is expected. We are excited to annouce this new benefit to you, our clients, a valuable Human Resource and Benefits library. It features: easy-to-understand and comprehensive HR and Employee Benefits content, a targeted search engine, one-on-one responsiveness through 'Ask the Experts' and hundreds of downloadable forms. Their expansive library addresses the HR and Benefits information needs of you and your employees from human resource professionals. As our client, you may benefit from their comprehensive database of State and Federal HR and Benefits laws and regulations.

This is just another benefit we offer to our Commercial and Employee Benefits clients to make your Human Resources and employee administrative work fast, efficient and, most importantly, accurate.

Contact us by phone or email for your personalized logon information. 302-654-8823 or

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Meet Our Company Partners


The Encompass Insurance Company has been one of our leading partners for over 25 years. They have continued to enjoy an excellent financial rating from AM Best. Encompass offers coverage for personal insurance only and specializes in providing true package policies. Package policies can include: Home (including coverage for secondary homes), Autos, Rental Properties, Boats, Scheduled items (such as Jewelry) and Umbrella Liability.

Their specialty is the Universal Package Policy and they have worked with Delaware to provide the most competitive pricing possible. Encompass has worked with Independent Agents, like ours, and has enjoyed the respect of agencies for their attention to service and claims response. Encompass is also a member of Trusted Choice. You can click below to visit their website for more information regarding their products and the company.

The Encompass Insurance Company offers coverage in 42 states nationwide and enjoys a solid financial rating within the insurance industry.

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Replacement Cost Coverage


TVIncluding replacement cost coverage on your home or apartment's contents is important when there is a claim. Without this endorsement your personal property is settled for actual cash value. Which means the original cost of the damaged property is the starting point, then the age of the item is determined followed by a depreciation factor. Your settlement is then calculated based on these factors.

Example: A 5 year old TV that was damaged by a covered loss originally cost $600. With the Replacement Cost Endorsement you would be able to 'replace' the TV with same kind and quality with today's cost - no depreciation would be applied. Without the Replacement Cost endorsement, the settlement could be significantly lower. Imagine trying to replace a room of furniture, clothes, etc with depreciation applied. That could be a real financial disaster.

Replacement Cost is not just for your home or apartment contents. When you buy a new car (2008 or 2009) you are offered Replacement Coverage for that auto. BUT, it must be added at the time the vehicle is added to your policy. There is also coverage available for Lease or Gap coverage to help cover any difference between the value of the car and the balance on the Lease or Loan. This coverage is available for most newly purchased vehicles.

We will be happy to discuss these optional coverage endorsements with you and encourage you to call us at 302-654-8823 or send us an email by clicking here.

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calculatorSince January 1st, we have been able to save our clients and new customers...


Premium dollars for the same or improved coverage all while providing superior service.

We look forward to adding your savings to our total. Contact us today.

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