July 27, 2021

Ask for a Quote

Allen Insurance Group, as a full service independent agency, is able to provide most lines of insurance to our clients. You can select from the list below to provide us with some basic information to start a quote for you.  This information can be sent to us by clicking on the 'submit' button on the bottom on each form.

    Personal Coverage                         Business Coverage

     Personal Auto                                          Business Insurance                  

     Homeowners or Tenants                          Workers Compensation                

     Personal Life Insurance                           Buy/Sell Life Insurance

     Individual Healthcare


Employee Benefits-Group Dental, Group Life, Group Disability, Group Vision

    Group Healthcare for 1-49 Employees   Group Healthcare for 50+ Employees

You may also call our office during normal business hours (302-654-8823) and will be happy to talk with you about your insurance needs.


Please note, when applying for coverage personal information about you, including information from a credit or other investigative report, may be collected. Credit scoring information may be used to determine either your eligibility for insurance or the premium you will be charged.
Disclaimer: No coverage can be bound without a signed application and premium deposit.